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Fundamentals Of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

Dr. Abd El Salam El Askary maintains a private practice specializing
in esthetic dentistry in his native Egypt. An experienced clinician
and researcher, he is also very active on the international
conference circuit and as a lecturer on continuing professional
development courses. He also holds the position of Associate
Clinical Professor at the University of Florida, Jacksonville.
© 2007 by Blackwell Munksgaard,

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Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

Product Description

This book is designed to explain to dental students the processes of diagnosis and treatment planning, through consideration of clinical cases and problems associated with aspects of all dental specialties. It presents a series of case histories from all the major areas of dentistry, and uses a question-and-answer format to guide readers through the process of examination, differential diagnosis, investigations, diagnosis and treatment. It prepares readers for the wide variety of problems likely to be encountered in clinical practice.

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Essentials Of Dental Radiography And Radiology

Product Description

This is a third edition of the dominant textbook in this field, which is used in nearly all dental schools in the UK and in many other countries. Covers both radiography

(producing the image) and radiology (interpreting the image) and presents the subject in an accessible format. This new edition has been revised in accordance with important new guidelines on radiation protection which came into force in January 2000.

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Essentials Of Traumatic Injuries To The Teeth Andreasen

Product Description

This is a readily accessible, fully illustrated guide to the initial treatment of acute dental injuries. The clinician is guided through the initial examination of the traumatized patient to the design of a rational, individualised treatment plan. This approach is aimed at minimizing the risk of long-term complications and, thereby, alleviating the uncertainty of the future of the the traumatized dentition both for the patient, dentist and for other concerned individuals. The material is drawn from clinical investigations, statistical analysis of 20,000 records of patients treated for acute dental injuries over 25 years, and results from 100 experimental studies.

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Dedy Nugroho mengatakan...

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Wo Ani mengatakan...

ada yang lain ndak gan bukunya?

Alif suryadin mengatakan...

ada gan wo ani..
mau materi tentang apa..?

Rona Dian Bimantari mengatakan...

buku tentang Karies ada gak? aku maba KG, materi kedokteran gigi dasar masih blok 3 tp gak ada salah nya kepo kepo materi :D

Ulfah Anisah Mansur mengatakan...

Gan, ada buku Dental Materials Properties and Manipulation gak?

Dedie Nugroho mengatakan...

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bima mengatakan...

assalamualaikum, kak sy dari fkg umi, kira2 kak ada jurnal ilmu bahan mengenai alginat kak ?

kiki mariki mengatakan...

Ada jurnal/ebook patologi mulut gan?

Fenny Nuroktaviani mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
alya ghina rosyada mengatakan...

Memantul :)
Terima kasih sudah berbagi

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